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My New Collection

Auntie took me shopping the other day at something called a Flea Market. I thought this was really funny since Nana is always trying to make sure the kitties never get fleas. I kept giggling the entire time we were in the taxi and eventually Auntie asked me what was so funny. I told her that it was funny that we were going to go and buy fleas at the market when we spend so much time making sure the kitties do not get fleas. She laughed and told me that they do not sell fleas there, which has left me rather confused as to why they call it a flea market then. When we got there I was amazed to see all the cool booths, foods, toys, trinkets, and clothes. I found this one booth that had the cutest teacups and for the first time ever I wanted to collect the same thing as Nana. I think she will love my new collection just as much as I do!

My New Collection

Featured Items:

Teacup Kitties (featuring Grey Tabby, Rainbow – Seed of Inspiration, Princess Rare, and Siamese) by [RI] RazzBerry Inc. & Turducken

*available now at the Gacha Garden until February 29



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