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She’s Gonna Get Cooties!

Nana and I went to visit some family members and they showed us around their new cottage. While I was admiring the lovely decor items in the one room and asking Kohani a million questions, I looked around and saw Catherine hugging Dominic. I quickly turned away and covered my eyes and told Kohani that she is gonna get cooties which made everyone laugh. I told them I was serious that only boys have cooties. Nana told me that they made sure Dominic had a cootie bath and was no longer contagious. I still do not find this acceptable and told Catherine that I did not know if I would be able to give her a hug until she was cootie free.

She's Gonna Get Cooties! She's Gonna Get Cooties!2 She's Gonna Get Cooties!3

What I am wearing:

Accessories ~ Bugs & Bows Barrettes (featuring Butterfly – Rare) by :BoWillow:

*available at Solace Kids until March 21.

Outfit ~ Cute as a Button (featuring Winter Trees Rare; comes in Baby and Kid) by Monkey Pox

*7 Commons and 2 Rares. Available at Kids Fair until March 31.

Hair ~ Summer – Browns03 by Truth Hair

Eyes ~ Romantic Eyes Hud – Aqua by **Cute Bytes**

Head ~ Baby Mesh Head #2 – BOOBOO by **Cute Bytes**

Skin ~ Cootie Skin by **Cute Bytes**

Body ~ ~ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl (v.2.8) by **Cute Bytes**

Shape ~ My own

Poses I am using:

bla bla 3 by p.o.s.e.

Props I am using:

The Chalet Seating Set (includes The Chalet Couch, Chalet Seat, Chalet Seat 1, Vase of Pink Roses, Vase of Pink Roses 1, Vintage End Table Oak, Vintage End Table Oak 1, Elegant Valance, Pink Drapes/Backgroundonly, Round Rug Braided 2, and Vintage Mirror Gold) by P.C.D Pure Country Designs

*available exclusively from March 5 – 12 at KTN Creators Festival, 20% goes towards the Tibetan Education Fund.

KTN Creators Festival Sign The Chalet Seating Set P.C.D


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