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Flower Meditation

I can get a little silly and overly worked up. My mind likes to think of a million different things each and every day, from what I will be wearing to what is the meaning of life. Everyone finds my hundreds questions either amusing or annoying depending on what I get to them and start asking my questions. I have been wondering lately how they get flowers to be a certain colour, why can a sunflower not be blue or why does a rose smell the way it does. I have been wondering why the sky is blue and the grass green, why can the grass not be blue too. The farmer next door told me that if I took time to meditate on my questions that the answers would soon come. He told me that he likes to meditate in his barn since it was his special place. I decided to meditate with the flowers since I enjoy being with them when my loved ones are busy.

Flower Meditation

What I am wearing:

Outfit ~ Laurel Romper [Rose] (comes in Baby and Kid) by ~*Buglets*~

*available at Color Me Cute from May 15 – June 1.

Hair ~ Tilly Streaked – Brown by Truth Hair

Eyes ~ Romantic Eyes Hud – Aqua by **Cute Bytes**

Head ~ Baby Mesh Head #2 – BOOBOO by **Cute Bytes**

Skin ~ Cootie Skin by **Cute Bytes**

Body ~ ~ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl (v.2.8) by **Cute Bytes**

Shape ~ My own

Props I am using:

sitting flower gift (orange) -LEAR-


Buggie playground. Pool Rare by Lil Cathy’s

*available now at The Brick Lane Gacha Event until June 15.


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