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I Found my Puppy

Auntie took me with her when she went to visit a friend of hers. When we got there, I could hear these little yapping sounds which made me very excited since it meant that there were puppies near by. Auntie’s friend helped me out of the car and asked me why I was smiling. I told her that I could hear puppies barking and she nodded at me with a smile. Before I knew it, she was taking us to see the new puppies. One kept jumping on my leg and so I picked him up … at least I think it is a him … and told Auntie that he was coming home with me. Everyone laughed and I was told I had to wait a few more weeks before they were ready.

I found my Puppy

What I am wearing:

Accessories ~ Hipster Frames – Colors Version (includes glasses and texture hud) by :BoWillow:

*available at Hello Beautiful until August 25.

Outfit ~ Abbie Dress [Rose] by ~*Buglets*~

*available at Color Me Cute until September 1

Shoes ~ Mikuru Shoes – Peach by Paper Damsels

Hair ~ Lucia – Gingers01 by Truth Hair

Eyes ~ Romantic Eyes Hud – Aqua by **Cute Bytes**

Head ~ Baby Mesh Head #2 – BOOBOO by **Cute Bytes**

Hands ~ TooddleeDoo – HandPoses (v.2.8) by **Cute Bytes**

Skin ~ Cootie Skin by **Cute Bytes**

Body ~ ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl (v.2.8) by **Cute Bytes**

Shape ~ My own

Poses I am using:

stand 480 by !bang poses

Props I am using:

Husky Love (featuring Bed [Color Changer] ~Super Rare~, House [Color Changer] ~Ultra Rare~, Food/Water Dish, Companion (Hold) ~Rare~, Eating, Exploring, Sitting, and Sleeping) by Small World

*5 Common, 1 Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, 1 Super Rare. Available at The Play Room until August 31.


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