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Nana has been very busy making costumes for all the kids in the neighbourhood, she seems to think I am the same size as everyone else and has been using me as one of those forms that you see in the shows with half made dresses all over them. Today she was making the girl down the street a pumpkin outfit and had me try it on for her. While she was making some adjustments to the costume she pricked her finger and went off to find herself a band aid. I decided it was time for me to explore outside and forgot I was dressed up as a pumpkin. Everywhere I went people giggled and said I looked cute enough to pick.


What I am wearing:

Outfit ~ My Pumpkin (includes hat, leggings, sweaters, and pumpkin; comes in Baby and Kid) by {T.T} Tiny Trinkets

*available at ATP Events until September 25

Shoes ~ Halloween Kitty Light Ups (comes in Baby and Kid) by :BoWillow:

*available at ATP Events until September 25

Hair ~ MAKOTO / Women – Dark Brown by *ARGRACE*

Eyes ~ Romantic Eyes Hud – Aqua by **Cute Bytes**

Head ~ Baby Mesh Head #2 – BOOBOO by **Cute Bytes**

Hands ~ TooddleeDoo – HandPoses (v.2.8) by **Cute Bytes**

Skin ~ Cootie Skin by **Cute Bytes**

Body ~ ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl (v.2.8) by **Cute Bytes**

Shape ~ My own

Props I am using:

autumn cart by .:revival:.

Smashy Pumpkin by <:*BoOgErS*:>

[ Terre Automne ] Pumpkin Batch by Ariskea

Sim Location:

The Pumpkin Patch


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