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Earlier today, Nana had dropped me off at play school. I am not really sure why they call it play school since we do very little playing while the teacher gives us instructions and work to do all the time. I was very excited to return to play school after a very long holiday. I wanted to see some of my friends and find out what they got for Christmas, but I was disappointed to see that not one person I knew was there. There were so many new faces there, I did not know who I was going to play with first. When Auntie picked me up, I told her no because everyone kept making fun of my new dress (which is funny because I don’t wear dresses often). She nodded and asked why I had paper tapped to my back. I tried to tell her I didn’t but she showed me I was wrong. I asked her what it said and she told me which made me giggle. They weren’t making fun of my dress they thought I tooted snowflakes.


What I am wearing:

Accessories ~

Necklace – My Resolutions Jewelry (featuring Necklace Charm Rare; includes necklace and charm hud) by {T.T} Tiny Trinkets

*9 Common and 1 Rare. Available at The Play Room until January 31

Mittens – Fingerless Kitten Mittens – Berry (come in Baby and Kid) by tiptoes

*15 Common and 2 Rare. Available at The Play Room until January 31

Scarf – Pom-Pom Scarf -9- Rare by {Blubb}

*8 Common and 1 Rare. Available at The Play Room until January 31

Outfit ~ Snowflake Outfit (includes dress, earmuffs, tights hud, and boots – not shown; comes in Baby and Kid) by Lil Scamps

*available at Thimble until January 15th.

Shoes ~ Erin Boots [Penguin] (comes in Baby and Kid) by ~*Buglets*~

Hair ~ Juliette 2 – Browns05 by Truth Hair

Eyes ~ Romantic Eyes Hud – Aqua by **Cute Bytes**

Head ~ Baby Mesh Head #2 – BOOBOO by **Cute Bytes**

Hands ~ TooddleeDoo – HandPoses (v.2.8) by **Cute Bytes**

Skin ~ Cootie Skin by **Cute Bytes**

Body ~ ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl (v.2.8) by **Cute Bytes**

Shape ~ My own

Poses I am using:

[berry] hy02-03 and hy02-04 by (marukin)

Props I am using:

Mouth Pencil – Reindeer and Nerd Notes – Fart Snowflakes by :BoWillow:

Sim Location:

The Town Of Sleepy Hollow


Bree’s appleblossom


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