A Little About Me

As you already know my name is Cady Amelia (pronounced KD not KT, A Me Lee A).

I am three years old and I live in Second Life.

My favourite things are hippos, I love those big lugs. I once saw on the tele a house hippo and ever since it has become a dream of mine to own one of my very own. Butterflies are my favourite insect and I also like frogs I love all shades of blue, from dark to light; if it comes in blue I will love it. I like the other colours too, but not so much – I am biased.

I love to read, strange I know a three year old reading. My favourite book is “A Bad Case of Stripes.” Perhaps one day you will be able to hear me read; I swear that what I am telling you is the actual story, I know this because I see it in the pictures. I love daisies; I think they are the prettiest flowers.

I am not afraid to admit that I am nerdy, very nerdy in fact. I embrace my inner geek all the time and will let her shine! I will geek out over super heros, Strawberry Shortcake, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, Thunder Cats and She-ra and oh so many other things.

I absolutely love to explore, get dirty, be girly while a the same time dressing a bit boyish when it suits me. I love to meet new friends and learn all kinds of new things. I also love being outdoors, going to the beach, playing and fishing.

I love all animals, my friends and my family.



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